A minor setback

Discovering that getting non-audio feedback is not supported using Alexa Voice Services.


Now it’s time to get the feedback from Alexa to our mirror. I have been browsing the the Java code of the AVS Java client, but I didn’t find something really conclusive on how to get the content of the response.  So I’ve been browsing the Amazon developer forums.

You can get access to the Amazon forums if you have an Amazon developer account.  Just surf to http://developer.amazon.com to get an account.

After some careful research I was faced with a major disappointment, and frankly a minor setback.

I found several forum posts stating that getting the feedback in the form of a card (which is the content being displayed in an app if you create a companion app for example), is not available using Alexa Voice Services.  It seems that an enhancement request has been logged to add this functionality, but the most recent post on this dates from a few days ago (we’re talking January 2017).

I’ve posted the links to the forum posts below.




So, it’s time to get creative.  Keep you posted in my next articles.

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