Changing the VNC resolution

How to change the resolution of VNC when connecting to a Raspberry Pi


What I want to do next is the resolution with which the VNC connection is obtained.  Right now it’s a rather small resolution causing the mirror to be quite small, and some modules overlap.

What i’ll do is change the configuration file where the VNC server is started.

navigate to the hidden folder .config

cd .config

navigate to the autostart directory

cd autostart

open the file tightvnc.desktop

nano tightvnc.desktop

Go the line with the “Exec=” prefix and append the following to the command:

-geometry 800x1000 -depth 24

The final result looks like this :

Exec=vncserver :1 -geometry 800x1000 -depth 24

Ctrl-x and Y to save.

Notice how I set the width smaller than the height.  That’s because I want to rotate the mirror.  The final mirror will also be in portrait mode.

reboot using

sudo reboot.

That’s it.  Try connecting using VNC and enjoy the larger, rotated resolution.

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