The unboxing of the Pi

Reviewing the newly arrived Raspberry Pi.


Hurray, a new major milestone has been reached.

Today my new Raspberry Pi arrived.  It arrived in a beautiful box :


The contents :15909691_2193646114193028_2063284592_n.jpg

We’ve got the casing, the Pi, the power cable (powered using usb) and Raspbian, the linux operating system pre-installed on an SD Card.  How cool is that.


It’s really easy to assemble into the casing.  Here it is :


Put the card into the casing :


Hook it up to the screen using a HDMI cable, plug in the network cable, stick a mouse in there and we’re ready to go.  It boots by plugging in the power.


… tah dah.  Here’s the first output on the screen.


This version of Raspbian automatically boots into the graphical user interface.


We’re all ready for the first configuration!

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