Getting your Raspbian distribution to the latest version

Getting the software on the Raspberry Pi up to date.


The first thing we’ll be doing is getting our version of Raspbian to the latest version.  This installation of Raspbian is called NOOBS.  It contains a vast number of pre-installed packages.  If by any change some of the steps in later posts don’t work, it may be because some packages are not installed.  You’ll need to install them using the apt tool in order to make them work.  However, right now, we can’t be sure that the version that was shipped on the SD card was the most recent one.

There’s an easy way to do that.  Connect to the Pi using “ssh”.  You can learn how to do that in this blog post.

Once connected type

sudo apt-get update

Things brings all the packages in your linux distribution to the latest version.  It uses the “apt-get” tool for that with the “update” command line argument.  Prefix with “sudo” to execute it with super user credentials.

After completion, type the following command.

sudo apt-get upgrade

This upgrades to the latest version.

Make sure your Pi doesn’t reboot or doesn’t lose internet connection for that.

This will take some time.  A lot of time.  Be patient.  It’s worth it.

After it’s all done, reboot the pi.  This can be done using the command

sudo reboot

Your ssh connection will automatically lose its connection, and you will see your Pi rebooting.


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