Adding a new module to the mirror

Adding an extra module to the smart mirror software.


Well, now that I’ve got everything configured, it’s time to add a new module to the mirror.

I was thinking of an RSS feed of one of the Belgian newspapers.  Shouldn’t be that hard.

First things first.  Time to browse the different modules available for the magic mirror project of Michael Teeuw.  The project is designed to be able to add modules to the mirror with only some slight configuration. Perhaps there’s a module I could use.  You can browse them here :²-Modules

There’s already a quite large community delivering modules, so there is quite some choice.

It doesn’t take long to find this one :

Time to install it.

the first thing to do is go to the modules subdirectory

cd modules

then, create a directory


Make sure it’s the same name as the module.  Cd into the directory


and download the module from github

git clone .

Notice the dot at the end of the command.  That’s important because the last command line argument to the “git clone” command is the folder where the code needs to be downloaded.  The dot is short for the current folder.  That way the code will be downloaded in the current folder.

Next up: configure the mirror.

The readme file on GitHub states I should be configuring the module like this :

modules: [
            module: 'MMM-RSS-FEED',
            position: 'top_bar',
            config: {
            url: ''

In order to do that I’ll open up the “config.js” in my atom project.

I looked up an URL with an RSS feed from one of the Belgian newspapers and pasted it in the URL.

The “position” attribute in the JSON specification of the module indicates where on the mirror the module needs to appear.  Notice how it’s ‘top_bar’ in this case.  I think that’s great, but I noticed that there’s already a module on that position.  I also removed that model from the “config.js” file.  Save it, and run the mirror.

Schermafbeelding 2017-01-05 om 22.29.51.png

You people that know the dutch language will know that it’s kind of a weird CSS post, but at least it works.  Mission accomplished.

Schermafbeelding 2017-01-05 om 22.30.25.png

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