Using electron as the framework for the smart mirror project.


I’m currently in full anticipation of my very first Raspberry Pi, but in the mean time I intend to endulge myself in some web technology learning.  Something I honestly know little about, but I get the feeling that’s gonna change.

As it turns out, the Magic Mirror software as presented in Michael Teeuw’s website : https://magicmirror.builders uses a system called Electron.  Of course I didn’t know what the hell it was, so I decided to dive a bit further.  And what I discovered was very intresting.  Apparently, Electron is a framework that lets you create applications using web technology, but package them to be able to run them as desktop applications, cross platform.  So you’re able to create cool applications that can be ported to an .exe for windows, an app for mac, or an executable for linux.  The cool thing about it, is that it can leverage all kind of web enabled technologies like Javascript, Node, Chromium etc.

Honestly, I had to dive deeper in the latter two as well.

It’s hard to explain in a few lines of text, so I’ll let the video do the talking.

This video, along with some other great resources can be found on their website : http://electron.atom.io .

Well, so far so good.  But what’s “Node”?  NodeJS is a javascript runtime built on top of Chrome’s javascript engine.  More details on the website : https://nodejs.org/en/

I’ll probably be coming back to all of these things in future posts as I push myself through all the new things I come across.

Lastly, Chromium is an open source project that delivers the source code for Google Chrome and all of its derivatives under a BSD license. A lot of web browsers are based on this source code.  More info here : https://www.chromium.org


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