Time to take off

Start of a journey into technology.


Hi there!

My name is Bart and I want to take you on a journey.   As a new year’s resolution for 2017 I set myself a goal.  I wanted to make my own smart mirror, or as some people tend to call it : a magic mirror.

That’s a mirror you hang somewhere in your house (your bathroom, or some other place), that displays useful information.  If you’ve been googling around for some time you might have stumbled upon some other websites were people show their own DIY projects  with smart or magic mirrors.  So have I … and I think it’s really cool.  So that’s why I want to create my own.

Most of the DIY projects start from the basics provided in the blog of Michael Teeuw.   This guy was way ahead of us, or rather, of me.  When browsing his great blog I found some great inspiration for a magic mirror.  A few days before this blog post he even posted an instagram picture of snowfall in his mirror.  How cool is that.

Anyhow, his original posts were very popular, and following the succes he decided to start a great initiative where he offers the tools and resources to create your very own.  It’s called Magic Mirror ² .    And that’s just what I’ll do.

But i’m going to go a step further.  I don’t want to stop at displaying the time and the weather (though that might be a great starter).  I want the mirror to be responsive.  I want to be able to speak to it, and I want it to talk back.  I want it to take all kind of commands, and I want it to recognize me (or my wife for that matter).  Not only recognize me, but know my needs.  What it has to do if I get up early in the morning to go to work.  What I want to do if I sleep longer on a weekend day.  What I want to do in the evening after dinner.  Stuff like that.  I want it to activate and deactive automatically.  And just about everything that makes it cool.

Now. All of that might be a tall order.  A bit too tall really, but that’s never stopped me.

There are a few hurdles however.  First of which is : I’m really not a handy man.  It will take some fiddling and maybe some help of friends.  Secondly: I have to start from scratch.  And I mean … scratch.  I have nothing related to hardware what so ever.  And third.  I know absolutely nothing about the technology.  Nothing about Raspberry Pi.  Nothing on javascript or CSS, nothing on Python code.  Something about linux, but not enough to be comfortable with.  Though I have a degree in information technology, I haven’t been into these technologies professionally, so it’s all new here.

Call it a challenge.  I can’t wait to show you my progress.  Feel free to get in touch, or follow my blog to know all about smart mirrors, and how I make the mistakes you won’t have to make.



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