The first step

A first step into my project.


All journeys start with a first step.  So does this one, and it’s an essential one.

Yesterday (on Christmas of all days) I bought my Raspberry Pi.  A friend of mine pointed who new about my endeavour pointed me towards a website offering a promotion which included the OS, adapter and a casing all in one at a reasonable price.  So I went for it!

It’s supposed to be delivered 5-1-2017.  So time enough to do some further investigation… and keep my blog up to date of course.


Excuse the dutch language, but i’m from Belgium, so you might see some more dutch things passing in screenshots or something.

It’s supposed to be something like this :


So that’s the first 75 EUR spent in my new hobby.  I will try and keep the budget under wraps because after all… it’s only a hobby.  Next investment will probably be a monitor.

I’ve been looking around already, and nowadays there are some great and cheap monitors out there, like this one.


It’s only 99 EUR.  Not bad for a monitor, but for a hobby project still quite expensive.  I’ve still got a monitor lying around, but it cost more than 400 EUR back at the time, so i’m a bit reluctant to open it up just like that.  Let met think about that one some more !


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